Arcade Poker game machine for casino roulette gambing - RHUM32

Deluxe 32 Point Poker Arcade Game The game screen is more in line with the trend and the player's experience. It is a new product that is better than the previous generation. It can be placed in Casino, video game city, and bars, as well as in the waiting area of ​​clubs.

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1. The 18.5-inch LCD capacitive touch screen has a good experience, and the game resolution is 1920*1080; 2. The game interface may support 1 hand, 3 hands and 7 hands, and a variety of chip combinations; 3. There is game help 4. The machine parameter modification background management and accounting functions; 5. Equipped with Jackpot bonus function; 6. Support banknote machines (multi-currency) and lottery machines (multi-models) with serial port protocol, realize fast identification of banknotes and redeem points for rewards, and also support coin-in and coin-refund options; 7. The game is fast-paced and the failure rate is extremely low, which absolutely guarantees the profitability of the machine, which is the biggest selling point of this product!

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Usage scenarios: Casino, video game city, bar, canteen, leisure center Material style: thickened iron chassis, cash drawer anti-theft design Quality control: more than ten years of quality control experience, so that each equipment can meet your high-quality needs Packaging and transportation: wooden box packaging, sea and air transportation are supported. After-sales service: 24-hour online service by dedicated personnel, after-sales video to answer various questions Product features: American countries are very popular.

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